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Copper Sheet

Copper is also one of the greenest materials ever known to man. Copper can be recycled 100% and in fact most of the copper used today around the world. Copper is also one of our most durable materials and retains its excellent corrosion resistance, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and weatherability properties throughout it's extremely long life.

Copper besides being the greenest metal is also one of the easiest metals to work with, being very malleable and can be textured, hammered, quilted, patinated, polished, rubbed and fired, giving copper the ability to evolve into many textures, hues, designs and styles, which will fit into any style of home decor, interior design or architecture.

Copper has traditionally been used in home design for its aesthetic qualities of warmth, elegance and unique timeless beauty. Copper and most copper alloys have warmth and elegance compared to the more institutional look of say, stainless steel. Not everyone knows about the tremendous antimicrobial, antibacterial, germicidal power of copper or about copper being a very green material. As more people become aware of these uniquely copper attributes, the demand for copper products is skyrocketing



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